Academic Program

Approaches to Learning

Springdale offers a 50% - 50% Bilingual Program where students learn in French and in English - This program, given to students in kindergarten, cycle 1, 2 and 3 of elementary, provides English instruction in: Mathematics, English Language Arts, Phys Ed, Music, Ethics and Religious Culture. French Instruction is in: Science, French Language Arts, Social Studies and Art. 

Springdale has adopted a philosophy of Collaboration, where units of inquiry foster student-centred learning in a hands-on environment. This is transferred between English and French instruction. This approach allows teachers to meet the needs of individual students with various learning styles and abilities and supports concepts learned in both languages in a seamless fashion.

As a member of the Lester B. Pearson School Board, Springdale is an inclusive school that meets the needs of a diverse clientele. The Springdale team supports individual students as well as the community of learners, and strives to help each student realise her or his potential. In accordance with the Progression of Learning, our students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to be prepared for the transition to high school.


Rainbow Room

Springdale Elementary offers a specialized classroom intended to provide intensive intervention to students in K and Cycle 1 who have autism and/or moderate to severe intellectual impairment. It is intended for students who are not yet ready to integrate into the classroom setting for a variety of reasons:

  • Lacking independent and self-help skills 
  • Difficulty or inability to communicate needs - often non -verbal and or limited expressive and receptive language skills
  • Challenges following directions 
  • Has yet to acquire comprehensive understanding of their environment

There is an emphasis on communication, personal autonomy and behaviour. Students learn structure, boundaries and limits within the school context and beyond. They are introduced to communication tools that will allow them to express themselves appropriately, interact with others and access the curriculum.

The goal of this classroom is to provide a small adult to student ratio in a highly structured environment and to provide students the opportunity to acquire the necessary prerequisite skills allowing them to transition into the regular classroom structure. 


The Mindset Room

Springdale has created a Mindset Room to meet the diverse learning styles and needs in our community. This creative environment offers individualized and small group instruction. Social skills groups are offered to support our mission to reduce anxiety and to model and support ideal behavior towards others. TEACCH systems are in place to foster independent work stations along with areas to address grounding and self-regulatory interventions.


Occupational Room

Guided by our Occupational Consultant, Springdale has created an OT room where sensory diets can be implemented to support students who would benefit from this approach.


Mindfulness and Yoga

A focus on Mindfulness and Yoga is actualized throughout our school environment and is instrumental accompanied by our staff in supporting our students understanding of the power they hold within.



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