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Mission Statement:

We believe learning is a life-long journey and that every child has the right to a quality education. We are committed to providing an innovative and nurturing educational environment where all students can attain their full potential.


Vision Statement:

Springdale Elementary will strive to:

Provide a safe and positive environment where creativity is encouraged, differences are celebrated, and respect is valued.

Through a collaborative approach to learning, we will maintain high academic standards, social acceptance and student expectations for excellence, so they can contribute positively to a bilingual, multi-cultural community.

Respond to the needs of all learners, taking into account the diversity of students’ needs and abilities. Adopt a flexible and open approach that respects these differences, and fosters learning, a sense of dignity and success for all.

Build a partnership with parents in fostering their children’s education through open and honest communication working with them as partners in the school’s educational project.

Recognize that students achieve academic excellence through innovative and creative teaching practices and we encourage students to Connect, Collaborate and Curate in 21st Century Learning Context.

Protect and value a child’s worth and dignity above all else.